District Improvement Plans

Processes and Procedures

Section 31a: At Risk
Section 31a Procedure to Annually Evaluate and Revise
Section 31a Procedure to Monitor Implementation
Section 31a Program Design Authority
Section 31a Program Implementation Authority
Section 31a Program Evaluation Authority
Section 31a Annual Evaluation
Section 31a Eligibility
Imlay City Schools MTSS Handbook

Title I Part A: Improving Basic Programs
Title 1A Procedure to Annually Evaluate and Revise
Title 1A Procedure to Monitor Implementation
Title 1A Program Design Authority
Title 1A Program Implementation Authority
Title 1A Program Evaluation Authority
Title 1A Program Annual Evaluation
Title 1A Procedure of Student Identification
Title 1A Private/Non-Profit School Services
ICS MTSS Handbook
Weston Family Engagement Policy
Weston Family Engagement Compact
Borland Family Engagement Policy
Borland Family Engagement Compact
ICMS Family Engagement Policy
ICMS Family Engagement Compact

Title 1 Part C-Migrant
Title 1C: Migrant Education Processes and Procedures
Title 1C: Migrant Education MEP and MIS2000 Procedures
Title 1C: Migrant Education Professional Development Process

Title IIA: Statewide Technical Assistance/Capacity Building
Title IIA Procedure to Annually Evaluate and Revise
Title IIA Procedure to Monitor Implementation
Title IIA Program Design Authority
Title IIA Program Implementation Authority
Title IIA Program Evaluation Authority
Title IIA Annual Evaluation

Title III: English Learner and Immigrant Education Programs

Title III Administrative Responsibilities
Title III Student Identification, Placement and Exit
Title III Parent and Community Engagement
Title III Teacher Qualifications and Professional Development
Title III Program Evaluation and School Improvement
Title III Allowable Use of Funds
Home Language Survey
Title III MDE Entrance and Exit Protocol Handbook
Title III: Immigrant Student Identification and Reporting

Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS)
MTSS Handbook
Michigan 3rd Grade Reading Law
NWEA Norms
DRA2 Expectations
DIBELS Next Benchmarks
Title 1 Identification Tool Worksheet
Individualized Reading Plan (IRP) English
Individualized Reading Plan (IRP) Spanish
Pre-K Essential Literacy Practices
K-3 Essential Literacy Practices
4-5 Essential Literacy Practices
ICS Read-at-Home Plan
ICS Read-at-Home Plan en Espanol

School/District Improvement Processes
District and School Improvement Processes
Creating a Culture of Continuous School Improvement
State and Federal Programming Monitoring
CNA Documentation