Officers and Trustees


The Board of Education is a seven-member legislative body elected by residents of the Imlay City school district. The Board of Education is charged with setting policies that govern the Imlay City Community Schools. The Board of Education also hires and delegates authority to the superintendent and administrative staff to operate the schools according to those policies. Additionally, the Board of Education has the fiscal responsibility for approving the annual budget and maintaining a balanced budget. Board members serve six-year, staggered terms.

The Board of Education meets at least once a month to approve, add or revise policies; and to issue contracts and authorize payment of expenses. Board meetings also include reports from committees, administrators, staff and schools. Additionally, the meetings afford an opportunity to showcase student and staff achievements. Usually held on the fourth Monday of each month, the meetings are open to the public and include time for public comments. Please see the current schedule for exceptions. Community members are encouraged to attend Board meetings.


Sharon Muir
Elected: 2004
Re-elected: 2008
Re-elected: 2012
Re-elected: 2018
Term Ends: 2024


Greg Dennis
Elected: 2010
Re-elected:  2012
Re-elected: 2018
Term Ends: 2024

Doug Van Dyk
Appointed: 2006
Elected: 2010
Re-elected: 2016
Term Ends: 2022

Kaylee Kaeding
Appointed July 2017
Elected: 2018 (partial term)
Appointed January 2021
to next election Nov. 2022
Term ends 2026
Ashley Campbell
Elected: 2016
Term Ends: 2022
Laura Zelenak, D.O.
Appointed: Sept. 2020
Elected: Nov. 2020
Term Ends: 2026
 ALengemann Alex Lengemann
Elected: Nov. 2020
Term ends: 2026