Program Information

Venture High School is part of Imlay City Community Schools; it is a self-sufficient, district-funded high school that provides 183 days and 1098 hours of instruction per year, the same as the traditional K-12 school requirements.

Completion of graduation requirements will result in a high school diploma issued by Imlay City Community Schools, Venture High School.

All teachers and staff are state certified and highly qualified. Small class size allows our teachers to work directly with each individual student in a small group setting.

The Venture High School program values a student’s willingness and desire to redirect his/her life, and to set and fulfill personal and academic goals.

Venture High School offers a safe and productive living environment for students who want to gain a high school diploma. The Students here have the chance to attend the Lapeer County Educational and Technology Center while attending Venture High School.

Vision Statement

The vision of Venture High School is to provide the highest possible quality education adn services to students who have been identified as being "at-risk" for failure or dropout in the conventional general education structure.

Belief Statement

  • Excellence is worth the investment of time, effort and resources.

  • Learning is lifelong.

  • The basic values of honesty, good citizenship, integrity and respect for others are essential to becoming a productive citizen in a democracy.

  • Individual differences are respected.

  • The partnership between school and community is essential for all to become lifelong learners.

  • We serve others best by offering our best.

  • We are passionately dedicated to serving our students and meeting the unique needs of "at-risk" young people.

 Venture High School Motto

“Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who BELIEVE.”


All Imlay City School board policies apply to Venture High School.