Lunch Program

Pandemic EBT Information

Big News from ICS Food Service Department

The Michigan Department of Education announced just this week that every public school student will be able to receive breakfast AND lunch for FREE. 

Beginning Tuesday, September 8, all of our students (In-person learning or Virtual/Remote learning) are eligible for free breakfast and free lunch. The only exception to this is that students who bring their lunch from home and want to purchase milk. In that case, students will be charged for milk. 

Since we do not know how long this will last, we strongly encourage all families to still complete the Free and Reduced Lunch Program Application. Completing this application will ensure eligibility for future free meals.

If you have questions about the application or require assistance completing it, please contact our Food Service Department at 810-724-9855. 

Online Payment System

Imlay City Schools uses My School Bucks to provide families an opportunity to conveniently make deposits, view balances, and see the activity of their student’s lunch account(s). You may make deposits to your student’s account by using this online system. Visit My School Bucks directly at or access it through the ‘Parents’ section of our website at . There is a $2.49 fee per transaction. You may place funds into more than one account within a single transaction and there is no limit on the deposit amount. The Imlay City School district does not receive any portion of this transaction fee. The transaction fee is charged by My School Bucks and their processing company; Heartland, for using their service.