Mr. DeClark

Hello My Name Is.

Tom DeClark

IC Schools

I am an Algebra1/physics/Science 9 teacher here at Imlay City High School.  I am the science department chair so if you have any questions on any science class feel free to ask.  This is my 29th year teaching, all here at Imlay City High School. I grew up in Warren and graduated from Warren Mott High School .  I then went to Central Michigan University and graduated with a  double major in Mathematics and Physical Science.  I received my Masters degree from Saginaw Valley in Education.  I have also taken 33 credits of post graduate classes.

Welcome to Imlay City High School! 

Go Spartans!

My Schedule:


1st hour :  Algebra 1. GC code: y33v37b

       2nd hour: Algebra 1  GC code: y33v37b

3rd hour :  Science 9  GC code: bosfvwn

4th hour :  Prep

5th hour :  Physics  GC code: djxx46l

        6th hour:   Algebra 1  GC code: y33v37b

My physics class will be taught this year doing the modeling physics method.

 I am very excited to do this with them.  I used this method the last 6 years and feel the students learned the topics at a deeper level.  Watch the video on the link in the physics folder to see what modeling is about.

Growing old is mandatory: growing up is optional