Entrance Requirements

Any student age 14-19 may enroll at Venture for any reason. Typically students enrolling at Venture meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Behind in credits
  • Poor high school performance record
  • Recent high school drop out
  • Referral from high school counselor, court or other agency
  • Teen Parent
  • Not over 19 years old. Students who turn 20 after the beginning of the school year must complete their studies by the end of that school year.
  • Attempted at least 1 semester of traditional high school
  • Students age 14 or 15 will be enrolled only under exceptional circumstances with the agreement of parents, high school counselor, and Venture staff

All students who wish to attend Venture High School must meet with the Venture High School Dean of Students prior to enrolling. Parents or guardians must attend this meeting for students under age 18.

*Parents/Guardians and student must sign a student success contract and a Parent success contract to gain admission to Venture High School.