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Integrated Pest Management Plan
Eastern Equine Encephalitis Treatment Plan-September 2020

Winter and spring in Michigan bring weather that is sometimes less than desirable
and as a result our pavement and parking lots acquire potholes that can be a
nuisance. We do our best to patch and fill those potholes, however, in the winter
the patch does not hold as we plow and salt for the next snowfall. With the
constant snow, melt, snow cycles the potholes are becoming more noticeable.
When the sinking fund did not pass a couple of year’s past, the repairs to parking
lots was put on hold due to the cost of the project and we have been trying to
keep it patched and filled. This is not an excuse, but the reason why our parking
lots are rough. We will continue to do the best job possible with patch and fill to
keep our parking lots safe.

With the passing of the bond, the parking lots are going to be replaced. The
equipment needed for construction is going to place additional wear and tear on
the surfaces. We know the surfaces need repair, however, it does not make sense
to replace the lots when they will be moved after construction. We ask for your
patience and understanding during these projects. Please be careful and cautious
during this process.