Bylaws and Policies

As elected representatives of the community, the Board of Education is responsible for approving Bylaws and Policies, which govern the school district. The Board of Education then delegates to the Superintendent of Schools, as the chief executive officer of the school district, the function of developing and implementing Administrative Guidelines, which support the policies adopted by the Board of Education and provide guidance and direction for the overall operation of the school district.


New, revised, and replacement policies are presented to the Board of Education by the Superintendent of Schools and are approved after first and second reviews, or readings, at separate Board of Education meetings. Board policies posted to this website are intended to be viewed as “working” documents because they are updated on a regular basis. If you are looking for a particular policy that has not yet been posted, please contact the Educational Service Center at 810.724.9861.


Board Policies are divided into the following ten sections: 0000 – Bylaws; 1000 – Administration; 2000 – Program; 3000 – Professional Staff; 4000 – Classified Staff; 5000 – Students; 6000 – Finances; 7000 – Property; 8000 – Operations; and 9000 – Relations.


Please click on the link below to review Board of Education Bylaws and Policies, and related Administrative Guidelines: