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he Mission of the Alumni Association is to promote the development of fellowship and communication in a unified effort to support members, students, and classmates.

We encourage contact among fellow alumni through reunions, publications, our web site, and through person-to-person contacts.

We maintain contact through our registry, a database containing names and addresses of over 5,500 alumni.  If you are not in our registry, or if you have changed your address, please register here.  This registry is never used for commercial purposes. See our privacy statement.



About The Alumni Association

High school alumni associations are not new in Imlay City.   On June 30, 1904 research shows that the “Third Annual Imlay City High School Alumni Banquet” was held in Haskin’s Hall.  The officers at that time were Mrs. Stanley H.  Large, President; Mr. Isaac McKillen, Vice President; Miss Martha Desk, Secretary; and Mr. Sam Sheppard, Treasurer.   There have been other gatherings of alumni over the years, however, none on a sustaining basis.

During the 1970 Imlay City Centennial Celebration the superintendent and his secretary worked side by side to plan a school reunion where over 1,000 people were in attendance.  The affection and respect that alumni had for their alma mater and the pride in their legacy was strikingly evident at that event.

During the Blueberry Festival of August 2001 a survey was conducted to determine interest in holding another event and/or forming an alumni association. The response to that survey showed great interest and a charter meeting was held on February 21, 2002, and the Imlay City Schools Alumni Association was formed.  The first all-class reunion was held that year in August with over 300 alumni in attendance.

An all-class reunion was held during the Blueberry Festival the first weekend in August in 2003, 2004, 2005, and 2006.  In 2006 it was decided to hold all-class reunions on an every-other-year basis.   Members of classes that have reached their 50-year milestone anniversary are recognized with a “Golden Diploma” and inducted into the Half-Century Society at these all-class reunions. 

The legacy of the Imlay City alumni is a proud one.  Our goal is to preserve that legacy into the future. We invite you to join the Imlay City Schools Alumni Association. JOIN THE ASSOCIATION HERE