Health Information

Imlay City Schools is committed to preserving and protecting the health and safety of all our students. In our efforts to keep parents/guardians better informed and updated about current health issues, we will post information about communicable diseases that have been confirmed and reported to us. The information will include the name of the communicable disease reported, the letter that was sent home with students from the same classroom, and a link for more information about the communicable disease. In order to protect our students' privacy, as well as adhere to State and Federal privacy and medical laws, we will never share specific information about a student. 


Weston Elementary

June 3, 2022: 1st Grade COVID-19
May 23, 2022: Kindergarten & 2nd Grade COVID-19
May 18, 2022: 1st Grade COVID-19
May 16, 2022: 1st Grade COVID-19
May 5, 2022: Preschool Head Lice
April 18, 2022: 2nd Grade Head Lice
March 22, 2022: 2nd Grade Head Lice
March 14, 2022: 1st Grade Head Lice
February 16, 2022: Head Lice
November 15, 2021: Hand-Foot-Mouth
November 8, 2021: Head Lice
October 26, 2021: Hand-Foot-Mouth
October 22, 2021: Hand-Foot-Mouth
October 13, 2021: Hand-Foot-Mouth
October 7, 2021: Hand-Foot-Mouth
October 5, 2021: Head Lice
September 29, 2021: Hand-Foot-Mouth
September 27, 2021: Hand-Foot-Mouth
September 15, 2021: Hand-Foot-Mouth

Borland Elementary

November 9, 2021: Head Lice
November 9, 2021: Hand-Foot-Mouth
October 28, 2021: Head Lice
October 4, 2021: Hand-Foot-Mouth
September 29, 2021: Hand-Foot-Mouth
September 16, 2021: Head Lice
August 30, 2021: Head Lice

Imlay City Middle School

Imlay City High School

Venture High School

Fact Sheets/More Information
Bacterial Meningitis
Hand-Foot-Mouth Disease (HFMD)
Head Lice
MRSA (Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus)
Scarlet Fever