Identify The Photo

The Alumni Association has several photos in its collection that include unidentified students. If you can provide a name of anyone not identified please contact the alumni secretary at 810-724-1904 or e-mail [email protected].

Below is a photo of an ICHS baseball team.   Can you tell us what year?   We think it is either 1949, 1950, or 1951.  Also, can you verify that we have some of the names right and/or fill in the missing names?
Left to Right -- Back Row:  Don Worthy, Audie Watson, Tom Fischaber, Max Irish, Norm Muir.
Left to Right -- Front Row:  Tom Reed, Dick Irish, George Ward, ______, ______, ______, Jim Irons.

1951 Baseball Team


Above – Imlay City High School Class of 1914

Those identified are third from left Pearl Veience Sheppard and far right Superintendent E. E. Irwin.   Others unidentified that graduated that year are: Jerome William Ankley, William Harrison Caldwell, Richard Eldon Dixon, Mildred Loretta Bartlett, Grace Celia Kruse, Amherst Merriman, Anna Irene North, Carrie Gladys Sanders, Hilda Fae Taylor, Jennie Irene Tucker, and Ethel Mildred Watson.

Above – ICHS graduating class of 1909.  The only one identified is Morrell Jones (fifth boy from left). 

Others unidentified that graduated that year are:  Effie Reek, Velma Farer, Lucie Pennington, Mary Klock, Orpha Fritch, Katherine Snyder, Clarence Walton, Mary McGarvey, Ella Willing, Laura Craig, Etta Craig, Clifford Broker.

Note:  The alumni association is still seeking class composites for the following graduating classes:  (Early records indicate there were graduates from ICHS as early as 1882, however, is some cases it was only one, two, or three students.) 

1927 1902 1892 1885
1923 1899 1891 1884
1920 1898 1890 1883
1918 1897 1889 1882 (only graduate Will Fairweather)
1917 1896 1888  
1905 1894 1887  
1904 1893 1886