Events and Happenings

Please be sure to check back often as this page will be updated frequently to highlight important events and fun happenings here at Borland Elementary. 

Mrs. Kandell's Wax Museum

Mrs. Kandell's 4th grade class presented their Wax Museum. Students did a wonderful job giving information about their person of interest! We learned about John Lennon, Rosa Parks, Jennie Finch, Justin Verlander, Stan Lee, R.L. Stine, Sacagawea, Eleanor Roosevelt, and so many others! All of these students should be proud of their hard work, research and presentations.

Kandell Wax Museum

Mrs. Auger's Living Wax Museum

Mrs. Auger's 4th grade class presented their Living Wax Museum. Students presented on those who inspire them; past, present and future. They did a wonderful job! We learned about Annie Oakley, Rose Parks, Gordie Howe, Jane Goodall, Princess Diana, Ben Affleck, Miguel Cabrera, Ian Stapleton, Bethany Hamilton, and so many others! All of these students should be proud of their hard work, research and presentations.

Auger Wax Museum

Spring Running Club Track and Field Experience

The Borland Elementary Running Club was able to spend two days with some high school staff and students learning about track and field events. Mrs. Buhl-Hagey and Mrs. Dick collaborated with Mr. Lestage to run this awesome event. The high school students were wonderful and so helpful as they demonstrated and encouraged our students every time they tried something new. They set a great example for our students, helped encourage and built confidence with great sportsmanship. So proud of all our students! 

Running Club HS Event

Science of Flight

Mrs. Dick and Mrs. Buckner's science classes studied the aerodynamics of flight yesterday. Students put lift, drag, thrust and weight into practice with their own paper airplanes. 

Science of Flight

Celebrating Arbor Day

The Imlay City Rotary Club proudly sponsors our 4th grade Foresters Program in honor of Arbor Day. All 4th graders attended an assembly today and talked about the program. Students received a tree to bring home with directions on how to successfully plant the tree. They would love to see pictures of your 4th grader planting their tree. Please send or email pictures to the address listed on the tree OR post your pictures under this status for us all to enjoy!

2016 Arbor Day

Reading With Seniors

Mrs. Brady's 4th grade students walked to the Sanctuary at Maple Vista to visit with the seniors. It is truly heart-warming seeing our young students with senior reading mentors as they read, have interesting conversations and just enjoy each other's company.

Spring 2016 Reading With Seniors

2016 5th Grade Science Fair

Congratulations to all of our Borland students who participated in the Flint Regional Science Fair at Kettering University!
Thank you to our fifth grade teachers; Mrs. Buckner, Mrs. Buhl-Hagey, Mrs. Dick, Mr. Powers, Mrs. Schapman and Mr. Spence, our Science Fair Coordinator, Mrs. Campbell, and all family members who helped students complete their projects.

2016 Science Fair

Rumpelstiltskin Private Eye

Bravo! Bravo! Congratulations to all of our students who participated in the play this evening. They did a wonderful job! An extra special thank-you to Mrs. Auger and Mrs. Kandell for organizing the play, practices, and performances.

Spring Drama Show

2016 5th Grade Spelling Bee

We are so proud of all our 5th grade students who participated in the 2016 Borland Spelling Bee. They did a wonderful job! Congratulations to our winner Elizabeth L. Our 1st runner-up is Kendall R. and our 2nd runner-up is William K. Elizabeth and Kendall will move onto the Lapeer County Spelling Bee which will take place in March. 

2016 Spelling Bee

Science Excitement

Mrs. Dick Science

Winter 2016 Enrichment

This year, Borland has continued our annual enrichment classes. We love that we can offer our students opportunities to pursue and participate in activities of interest. This year students are canvas painting, playing basketball, creating with Legos, keeping active with Gym Games, and so much more.

2016 Enrichment 

Team Impact

Borland Elementary students enjoyed an assembly from Team Impact on Friday, January 29, 2016. Josh Thigpen and Randall Harris, Team Impact athletes and speakers, impressed students with the feats of strength. Also impressive was their comedy and message for students. The message they send is one which is inspiring to adults as much as children; work hard to reach your dreams! Josh Thigpen told his story of being the skinniest, weakest, smallest student in school. However, he had a dream to compete in in the World’s Strongest Man contest. Through working hard, studying hard, listening to voices of adults trying to help him, making good choices and having good character, Josh made his dreams come true. Josh encourages students to dream big and work hard to make their dreams comes true. He also spoke to students about the importance of good character. Having good character includes helping build others up by encouraging them, treating them respectfully and helping them make their dreams come true. He called those holding these character traits “Dream Makers.” Borland Elementary staff were inspired by the messages from Team Impact. Borland staff are committed to being “Dream Makers” and helping ALL students reach their dreams. 

Team Impact

Imlay City Middle School Student Council Cares

Middle School Student Council students collected and donated warm weather items for our Borland students. What a great example of caring and compassion. Thank you! 

ICMS Student Council Donations

Legos Here, Legos There, Legos Everywhere!

Imlay City is hosting a huge Lego event! Our Borland students in grades 3, 4 and 5 were some of the first visitors to visit the massive display. Our teachers had as much fun as our students.

Lego Display

We Have a Winner!

Storyworks Winner

Veterans Day 2015

5th grade students in Mrs. Dick's and Mrs. Buhl-Hagey's classes were eager listeners as they learned from Mr. Dick.

Veterans Day 2015

Halloween Engineering

Mrs. Schurig's fourth graders had a very busy day planning and creating Candy Corn Catapults. 

Halloween STEM

Fall 2015 Running Club

Mrs. Buhl-Hagey and Mrs. Dick coordinated the Borland fall Running Club. On Tuesday, October 13, Borland staff cheered our runners as they completed a nearly 2 mile race. We were excited to have the middle school cross country team join us along with parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. We are so proud of all our runners! Click the picture below to watch the video of all students crossing the finish line!

Fall Running Club

Project RED (Rural Education Day) 2015

All 3rd grade students attended Project RED (Rural Education Day) on October 6, 2015. This project is an introduction, to many, on agriculture. Our students had a fantastic time! 

Project RED 2015

Fall 2015 Running Club

Mrs. Dick and Mrs. Buhl-Hagey are facilitating our Running Club program this year. Students have been working hard at building their running stamina. They completed their first "official" run on 10/05/15. They all did a great job! 

Running Club Race 10/05/15

Mythological Creativity

Mrs Schurig's class had fun expressing their artistic creativity with a Medusa creativity contest. This activity went along with their mythology unit.

Medusa Contest

2015 Flint Regional Science Fair-We See Science Success!

Science Fair

Imlay City Schools proudly participates in the Flint Regional Science Fair each year. The 2015 Fair was exciting and award-winning for our students. 

Imlay City was well represented by 19 fifth-graders and 1 eighth-grader. Earning honorable mentions were fifth-graders Kiya Byerley, Gracie Kelly, Melanie Bigger, Tyler Tyack, Matt Helzer, Zach Spudowski, Davis Clark, Natasha Cremeans, and (eighth-grader) Jack Felder. Dillan Landerschier received an honorable mention along with a K-12 Science Outreach Award and a McLaren Microbiology Award. Natalie Miller also received an honorable mention plus a McLaren Behavioral Science Award. Kailee Rumsey and Jenna Whelan each earned a research fellow award.

John Nerkowski placed 6th with a Flint Watershed Coalition Award, K-12 Lab Science Outreach Award, and $25. John Knezevich placed 6th with a Flint Watershed Coalition Award, K-12 Science Outreach Award, and $25. Will Felder placed 6th with a Flint Children’s Museum Grand Award (a family pass for one year), Genesee County Medical Society Award, Genesys Regional Health Center Biochemistry Award, and a McLaren Health Care Corp. Award. Angelique Perrault and Joseph Smith each placed 6th with a $25 reward. Brendan Kanai placed 3rd winning $200. Olivia Wimpari took 2nd place with her “Good Vibrations” project which came with a $350 award. She also received the Matthew Bauerle Mathematics Award which was a $50 prize


K-8 Lapeer County Art Show

Congratulations to all of our Borland students who were selected to have one of their pieces of art displayed at the K8 Lapeer County Art Show. Their works of art, along with other Lapeer County K8 students, were on display at Gallery 194 through March.

Art Show 2015

Borland Students Enjoy Enrichment Classes

Borland has been offering a wide variety of enrichment classes for students in grades 3-5. Starting in January, students have had the chance to sign-up for an after school program. The programs all offer fun and innovative opportunities for students to explore areas of interest in a creative and challenging environment. The classes utilize a hands-on approach to learning and class sizes are kept small for maximum interaction. The goal was for us to offer a plethora of choices in relation to student interest. Students passionate about reading are participating in the Hot Chocolate Book Club while those with a strong math interest are enjoying Math Challenge. Math Challenge introduced students to math games to build their mathematical and problem-solving skills. If students love the fine arts, they could select from Crocheting for Beginners, Bead Animals, Art Club, Clay Creatures, Clay Tiles, or Sing! We are excited to also offer Science Olympiad, Introductory Model Building, and RC Car Racing. Of course, with our continuous efforts to encourage a healthy lifestyle, we are also offering Dodgeball and Basketball for all students!

Science Olympiad    CrotchetCrotchey2

The Black-Footed Ferret

Each year, our 5th grade student council sponsors the adoption of an endangered animal. This year, students learned about 5 different animals and then voted on adopting the Black-Footed Ferret. Borland students raised funds for this project by participating in a paid "hat day." Way to go Borland students! The Black-Footed Ferret, along with previously adopted endangered animals, are displayed alongside their official certificate of adoption, in our front lobby.

Black-Footed Ferret

50th Day of School

4th graders spent the fiftieth day of school learning about the $50.00 dollar bill and life in the 1950's including presidents, cost of groceries, 50's lingo, inventions, pop culture, children's books, and more! They celebrated with root-beer floats and a "sock hop!" They had a "hip" time showing off their "threads" and doing the "twist!" It was a real "drag" when they had to "split" to head back to their own "pad." They day sure was a blast! To top it off, Mrs. Dyer's earned the reward of chewing bubble gum for bringing in over 50 items for our November canned food drive. What a busy day!

Sock HopTD Canned Food

Project R.E.D.

The third grade students attended Rural Education Day (Project R.E.D.) at the Imlay City Fairgrounds. While there, students learned about the uses of corn and soybeans, were given the chance to plant their own seeds, pet different barnyard animals, and learn about the overall importance of agriculture to the people of Michigan. This year, they also had the opportunity to participate in "Jump with Jill." This is a nutritional and exercise based program that is taught through music and movement. The students had a lot of fun!


Clay Art

Mrs. Campbell's fourth and fifth grade classes are finishing a clay coil unit in art. The first finished pieces came out of the kiln recently. Students will be writing about their pieces in the upcoming weeks and then will be bringing them home. 


Running Club

The fall season of Running Club had 57 students participate. Students met three days per week during September and October for stretches, games, and running. Some students participated in two-mile cross country races in Brown City, Cass City, and Caro on the weekends. The purpose of Running Club is to foster a love for running and encourage students to exercise and have fun. The culminating activity was a final race on school grounds with family, friends, and Borland staff cheering them on. We are proud of our students!

Running Club     Running Club     Running Club

running club